Croucher Foundation Advanced Study Institutes

Courses in 2022

Blue carbon and the role of coastal sea in carbon sequestration

27 March 2023 at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Blue carbon is the carbon stored in coastal and open ocean ecosystems, including those habitats, species, and processes that facilitate the uptake of atmospheric carbon into the ocean and transport that carbon into sediments or deep waters. Coastal wetlands (mangrove, seagrass and salt marsh) are among the most productive ecosystems that sequester and store great quantities of blue carbon.

Courses in 2020

Quantum criticality and topological phase transition

6 – 8 January 2021 at the Chinese University of Hong Kong

Understanding the general features of topological phase transitions is of extreme important to advance our knowledge on establishing a new paradigm for understanding topological phases of quantum matter.

Courses in 2019

Metals in biology and medicine: from molecular image to drug resistance

13 2019 – 10 December 2020 at the University of Hong Kong

This course aims to disseminate the cutting-edge research about metals in biology and medicine to Hong Kong.

Emerging and enabling technologies for modeling and understanding development and disease

5 – 7 February 2020 at the University of Hong Kong

Advances in technologies for genomic-level and single cell resolution analyses of cell populations are fueling a quantum leap in our capacity to delineate cell heterogeneity, to identify stem/progenitor cells in tissues and their contribution to tissue homeostasis and repair.

Courses in 2018

Frontier in Cell and Cellular Structural Biology Research

17 – 19 December 2018 at the Chinese University of Hong Kong

This workshop aims to promote the local development of research and teaching in both the Cell Biology and Structural Biology disciplines.

Global water security: integrated modeling and adaptive management

8 – 11 January 2019 at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

This meeting updates local engineers and scientists on recent developments in integrative approaches to understanding global water security.

Courses in 2017

Topology in condensed matter and high energy physics

3 – 5 January 2017 at the Chinese University of Hong Kong

In 2016, the discovery of topological phases of quantum matter was awarded for Nobel Prize. Topological phases of quantum matter now becomes a very important and hot topic in both condensed matter and high energy physics. For example, the recent discovery of topological insulators and topological superconductors have led to a lot of collaborations between condensed matter theorists and high...

Frontiers in Energy Storage

5 – 8 June 2018 at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Cost-effective energy storage is essential to the realization of a world powered by renewable sources, in particular, solar and wind.

Impacts of eutrophication, pollution and harmful benthic microalgae blooms on coastal coral reef ecosystems

1 – 4 August 2017 at the City University of Hong Kong

This ASI introduces advanced equipment and methodologies to local scientists to study coral reef physiology and ecosystem processes.

Genetic variation and genome architecture in development, health and disease

4 – 7 December 2017 at the University of Hong Kong

This seminar integrates data on genome architecture into genetic studies, in order to identify functional variants that influence normal development, health and disease.

Frontiers in Aging and Longevity

4 – 6 September 2017 at the University of Hong Kong

Aging population has become a burden to the society as they put pressure on the healthcare system.

Courses in 2016

Integration of Urban Science and Urban Informatics for Smart Cities

10 – 12 January 2017 at the Chinese University of Hong Kong

This seminar offers lectures on urban science and urban theory for smart cities, including urban growth theory, urban modeling, urban complexity analysis and the holistic approach to urban planning. It also covers urban informatics for smart cities, ICT infrastructure, urban sensing technology, and urban big-data analytics.

Genome Dynamics in Neuroscience

15 – 18 January 2017 at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

This workshop brings an international group of experts to Hong Kong to discuss the ways in which the brain and nervous system are impacted by the integrity of the genome.

Courses in 2015

New Functional Materials

3 – 7 May 2016 at the University of Hong Kong

This seminar allows researchers from Hong Kong and the nearby region to learn about newly emerged field of two-dimensional (2D) materials and their van der Waals heterostructures, which has grown into a vast research field involving thousands of researchers worldwide since the discovery of the first 2D material graphene (Nobel Prize 2010). It also highlights the recent advances in the field of...

Frontiers in Immunometabolism

19 – 21 April 2016 at the University of Hong Kong

Immunometabolism refers to an emerging cross-disciplinary study of immunology and metabolism, focusing on the inflammatory molecules produced by key metabolic organs including adipose tissue, skeletal muscle, and the liver. 

Changing Urban Climate

7 – 15 December 2015 at the Chinese University of Hong Kong

The primary objectives of this workshop is to facilitate the dissemination of climatic knowledge and technologies, climatic planning and design strategies.

Frontiers in Big Data Graph Research

16 – 18 December 2015 at Hong Kong Baptist University

This lecture series aims to educate and inspire researchers in the region on the potential, challenges, and new trends of big data graphs, leading to new foundations of data management and new principles of database management systems for large complex data. The lectures focus on database management systems, and their topics are expected to be comprehensive, ranging from theoretical...

Courses in 2014

Information Security and Privacy in Social Networks and Cloud Computing

2 – 4 December 2014 at the City University of Hong Kong

The goal of this ASI is to bring the world leading scientists and experts to HK to share with us their research experiences and the new developments in the area of security and privacy for online social networks and cloud computing.

Toward a New Generation of Dynamic Network Models

18 – 20 November 2014 at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

The main goal of this ASI is to look beyond the traditional equilibrium analysis and explore a new approach toward modeling dynamic networks, which will open up theoretically interesting, yet practically important directions for modeling and managing dynamic transportation networks.

Advances in Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Studies

1 – 4 November 2014 at the University of Hong Kong

This meeting brings international renowned leaders in NPC and EBV research to HK, as well as leaders in other areas of special interest to researchers in HK to discuss the latest advances in MPC and related studies.

Alzheimer's and Dementia in a Global Context

10 – 13 January 2015 at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

This seminar focuses on the mechanisms and promising treatment of Alzheimer's and dementia between local and international researchers in the field to communicate recent advances and scientific findings, and to create new avenues for scientific exchange.

Courses in 2013

Chemical Biology

10 – 12 December 2013 at the University of Hong Kong

Chemical Biology is the use of chemical concepts and principles to understand complex biological systems at a molecular level that could not be solved separately in traditional scientific disciplines. In the past decade, the rapid development of chemical biology has not only provided numerous valuable research tools to elucidate fundamental biological mechanisms, it has also prompted the...

Printed Electronics

9 – 11 December 2013 at the Chinese University of Hong Kong

This Advanced Study Institue is dedicated to the research of the next-generation large-area, low cost, and novel flexible electronics - collectively referred to as printed electronics. This research area is of vital interest to semiconductor industries because (1) it promises fabrication of large-area devices via high-speed printing instead of traditional photolithography, and (2) it renders...

Courses in 2012

Integrative Approaches to Understanding Disorder of the Skeleton

16 – 20 December 2013 at the University of Hong Kong

This workshop provides foundational knowledge and up-to-date perspectives in the area of skeletal disorders by integrating the clinical approaches and genetic technologies, with an aim to translate the understanding of disease mechanism to offering of targeted, personalized therapeutic interventions to patients.

New Materials & New Concepts for Controlling Light & Waves

3 – 7 October 2012 at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

This Advanced Study Institue highlights recent advances in using advanced man-made materials such as matamaterials and plasmonic structures to control light and waves to achieve optical effects that were previously believed to be impossible, and introduces new notion of transformation optics to local researchers, which enables the design of optical material that leads to amazing devices such as...

Courses in 2011

Dynamical Control of Quantum Coherence for Current and Future Information Technologies

4 – 8 January 2012 at the Chinese University of Hong Kong

This ASI allows scientists in Hong Kong and the region to learn about exciting developments of dynamical quantum control.

Urban Climatology for Tropical and Sub-tropical Regions

5 – 10 December 2011 at the Chinese University of Hong Kong

Urban climatology is a new subject that started from the late nineteenth century. Most urban climatic phenomena, such as urban energy budget, urban heat island, air pollution dispersion and urban ventilation have been investigated, but more needs to be done scientifically. There is a great need to scientifically understand urban climatic characteristics and conditions especially for the...

Tumour Microenvironment – New Concepts and Molecular Mechanisms

9 – 13 January 2012 at the University of Hong Kong

This ASI assembles internationally renowned leaders in the field of tumour microenvironment to highlight important new concepts for better understanding of development and progression of human malignancies.

Stem Cells: Niches, Regeneration & Repair

4 – 8 March 2013 at the University of Hong Kong

This workshop provides an introduction and update to the recent advances on the biology and therapeutic application of stem cells, the challenges and prospects for patient specific therapy and a forum for discussion of the associated ethical and moral issues arising from stem cell research.

Frontier in Cell Biology Research

4 – 8 January 2012 at the Chinese University of Hong Kong

Cell biology is the fundamental subject of living organisms. The progress in signaling transduction, cell imaging and developmental biology remarkably advances the studies of Cell biology which is quickly becoming one of the most important research areas in the biological sciences

Courses in 2010

Theory and Applications on Algorithmic Game Theory

15 – 23 July 2010 at the City University of Hong Kong

The goal of this workshop is to bring some of the leading researchers and technology experts in algorithmic game theory to HK to share their expertise and experience on the newest developments with their HK peers in the related areas.

Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations: recent advances and future directions

1 – 10 March 2011 at the Chinese University of Hong Kong

This Institue will provide a forum for the dissemination of current advances in the field of nonlinear partial differential equations, and related topics including differential geometry, mathematical biology, fluid mechanics, etc

Functional Phosphoproteomics in Study of Plant Cell Signaling and Molecular Systems Biology

3 – 7 January 2011 at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

This workshop will allow scientists from HK to appreciate the first-hand phosphoproteomics techniques and advancement in bioinformatics developed for the study of phosphorelay-based cell functional phosphoproteomics, and to increase the international exposure of HK's research teams.

Molecular Genetics and Clinicla Advances in the Study of Esophageal and Gastric Cancers

23 – 27 January 2011 at the University of Hong Kong

This workshop offers in-depth seminars on molecular, genetics and clinical studies on esophageal and gastric cancers.