Dec 2 2 December 2024 at the Chinese University of Hong Kong

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Frontiers in Cellular Structures and Macromolecules Research

With new technologies giving increasingly detailed high-resolution structural information into molecules and cellular systems, which is central to the fundamental understanding of cellular and organelle functions, it has never been a better time to study Cellular Structural Biology
Over the past five years, our research programs in Hong Kong have made substantial contributions to our knowledge of protein trafficking and organelle biogenesis, dynamics and function in model organisms together with Electron Microscopy/Tomography Analysis, as demonstrated by collaborative research funded by AoE and CRF grants as well as joint publications in leading journals. The goal of holding this ASI is to sustain and strengthen our local and international connections and to promote collaborative research as well as research excellence in Hong Kong by taking the advantage of the recent establishment of the state-of-the-art facilities at the RGC-AoE Centre for Organelle Biogenesis and Function at CUHK. With participation of well-established senior scientists and early career researchers from Hong Kong and aboard, we envision that the proposed programme will mark a major milestone in the establishment of a regional leading cell biology research center.
A Croucher Advanced Study Institute in partnership with the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

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