Croucher Foundation News

Novel imaging technology sheds light on deep brain interactions

A new imaging technology – adaptive optics two-photon endomicroscopy that enables in vivo imaging of deep brain structures at high resolution

25 November 2020

Setting AI to work for the good of human health

In science fiction, machines are often a force for evil: invading, conquering, and killing. But at BenevolentAI in London, Dr Ngai Yi Mok and his colleagues are harnessing the power of machines for good, using AI in their efforts to counter diseases through drug discovery and development.

17 November 2020

Croucher engineer develops miniaturised organic semiconductor for flexible electronics

Be it foldable phones or bendable televisions, electronics manufacturers see enormous potential market appeal in “flexible electronics”.

11 November 2020

Croucher engineers shine in Guanghua Engineering Science and Technology Prize

Two Croucher scholars have been named as awardees of the 13th Guanghua Engineering Science and Technology Prize by the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

27 October 2020

When time began: mapping the earliest moments of our universe

Dr Sam Wong's research extends from the smallest known particles in existence to the massive system they have created: our entire universe.

21 October 2020

Tackling the link between diabetes and kidney disease

In Hong Kong, 52 per cent of new patients requiring dialysis treatment or renal replacement have diabetes as the cause of kidney failure – a challenge that Professor Sydney Tang (Croucher Senior Medical Research Fellowship 2019, Croucher Fellowship 1996) seeks to address.

13 October 2020

What triggers a supernova?

A multinational team of scientists has become the first to successfully examine the phase transition that may trigger a supernova.

6 October 2020