Croucher Foundation News

Croucher Ecology Issue Two: Marine

Plunge into the deep and to find out more about the remarkable ecology of Hong Kong’s coastal waters.

15 May 2021

A natural at sharing enthusiasm for the environment

An early love of nature and an inspirational teacher prompted Dr Sam Lau to turn his weekend pastime into a career.

4 May 2021

Making an adventure of science

Dr Faye Suk-ying Tsang has retained the adventurous approach to scientific investigation that first led her to seek out small creatures around the parks and beaches of Hong Kong.

29 April 2021

Croucher Ecology Issue One: Land

This week the Croucher Foundation published the first of a series of publications to explore the biodiversity of Hong Kong.

23 April 2021

Diving into life before birth

From probing the mysteries of a sunken submarine aircraft carrier, resting upright more than 30 metres under the waters off the coast of Plymouth, UK, to attempting to apply machine learning for estimating the age of a fetus in the womb, Lok Hin Lee seeks the challenge of the new.

20 April 2021

Genome researcher seeks to boost targeted treatment for COVID-19

While the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines dominates the news, the quest for better treatments for this virus and other infections is continuing apace. Dr Andrew Kwok has joined this endeavour, as a DPhil researcher with a leading University of Oxford research group working for better outcomes in treatment of infectious diseases.

7 January 2021

Anti-rheumatic drug offers therapeutic hope against superbugs

Repurposing an anti-rheumatic drug to re-sensitise “last-resort” antibiotics

30 December 2020