Aug 6 6 – 10 August 2018 at the University of Hong Kong

Croucher Summer Courses

Every summer the Croucher Foundation funds short courses that aim to educate and inspire postgraduate students and early career researchers from Hong Kong an...

Precision Genome Engineering by CRISPR: Applications in Biology and Medicine

Precision genome engineering by CRISPR is a game-changing technology that holds the promise to revolutionize modern biology and medicine. This is the first course or forum in Asia devoted specifically to CRISPR and we have four specific aims: 1) To bring together a group of local and regional researchers interested in CRISPR and educate them with innovative thoughts and cutting-edge technologies; 2) To provide a forum for discussion and knowledge exchange, facilitating a better understanding of the breath and complexity of CRISPR technology among participants and the wider research community; 3) To promote the use of CRISPR technology in Hong Kong and the wider region; 4) To foster collaborations and to strengthen the link of the local and the wider research community to the world.

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