Aug10 10 – 15 August 2018 at the University of Hong Kong

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Precision Genome Engineering by CRISPR: Applications in Biology and Medicine

Precision genome engineering by CRISPR is game-changing. The use of CRISPR to knockout or knockin genes precisely has increased explosively in biomedical research and as novel therapeutics. CRISPR-mediated knockout of target genes has become the standard for loss-of-function studies in mammalian cells and animals. CRISPR-based forward genetic screens and other applications of CRISPR including those in live cell imaging, disease modelling and treatment have brought revolutionary thoughts and enabling tools to various fields across biology and medicine. The CRISPR revolution is not only in the lab, but will also be in the clinic. However, there is a big gap between the rapid development of CRISPR and its potential applications in the local and the wider region, where it is still much underused. The goal of our course is to fill this gap by educating our young scientists with cutting-edge technologies, providing a forum and platform for discussion and knowledge exchange, promoting wider use of CRISPR, and strengthening our link to the world. Our course will not only introduce state-of-the-art developments but also provide hands-on training. In short, it is hoped that the small, but dedicated group of young scientists trained will bring a critical change to our region. We will provide our participants with both state-of-the-art knowledge about CRISPR and hands-on training of a CRISPR experiment. The course will be multidisciplinary covering genetics, cancer biology, stem cell biology, virology and animal models. We will strike a balance between general introduction of CRISPR and discussion of emerging technologies such as CRISPR screens. The practical section will include a typical CRISPR knockout experiment. We aspire to develop our course into a flagship course on CRISPR in Asia.

Precision genome engineering by CRISPR is a game-changing technology that holds the promise to revolutionize modern biology and medicine. This is the first course or forum in Asia devoted specifically to CRISPR and we have four specific aims: 1) To bring together a group of local and regional researchers interested in CRISPR and educate them with innovative thoughts and cutting-edge technologies; 2) To provide a forum for discussion and knowledge exchange, facilitating a better understanding of the breath and complexity of CRISPR technology among participants and the wider research community; 3) To promote the use of CRISPR technology in Hong Kong and the wider region; 4) To foster collaborations and to strengthen the link of the local and the wider research community to the world.

A Croucher Summer Course in partnership with the University of Hong Kong.