Croucher class of 2012

10 August 2012

On 9th August 2012 at a dinner in Hong Kong Trustees Professor Kenneth Young and Ms Josephine Price congratulated a group of young Hong Kong scientists, the most recent recipients of Croucher awards.

A total of 17 young scientists were awarded Croucher Scholarships or Croucher Fellowships in 2012. They were selected in a competitive process including a paper based preliminary screening and an interview with a panel of scientists including at least one expert in the specific field of each candidate.

These talented individuals have been admitted to world-class universities and research institutes including Caltech, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, MIT, North Carolina, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in the US; Basel, Cambridge, Hamburg, King’s College London, and Oxford in Europe; and the Ontario Cancer Institute in Canada.

Welcoming the “Croucher Class of 2012”, Young encouraged the new awardees to work hard towards their goals, to develop a broad ranging intellect and curiosity, and to nurture the value of service to the community, as exemplified of Mr Noel Croucher, who in establishing the Croucher Foundation, dedicated his entire fortune to promote the standard of the natural sciences, technology and medicine in Hong Kong.

Croucher Scholars and Fellows from previous years who had returned to Hong Kong joined the gathering and were invited to share their collective experience of life as a Croucher scholar and study overseas.