Croucher Fellow receives international award

6 August 2012

Professor Eric So is based at King’s College London where he has been working on a way to stop one of the most aggressive forms of acute leukaemia returning after a patient has received treatment. 

In July 2012, his work received international recognition with the announcement of the inaugural Pezcoller Foundation – EACR Cancer Research Award. The award celebrates academic excellence and achievements, in the field of cancer research and is presented jointly by the Pezcoller Foundation and the European Association for Cancer Research.

So is the first recipient of this prestigious award and gave the Pezcoller Foundation – EACR Award Lecture at the biennial congress of the European Association for Cancer Research which this year was held in Barcelona. The primary goal of So’s research program is to characterise the mechanisms of transcriptional regulation that are corrupted in leukaemia. By identification and molecular dissection of the transcriptional and epigenetic networks deregulated by oncogenic transcription factors, this work should give important mechanistic insights into the molecular basis of the diseases, and in longer term, provide fruitful avenues for development of specific therapeutic interventions. So received a Croucher Studentship in 1994 and a Croucher Fellowship in 2000.

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