Croucher award value increases

5 December 2014

With effect from 1st October 2014, several changes have been made to the value of Croucher Scholarships and Fellowships as well as to the allowances granted by the Foundation to award recipients.

These improvements have been approved by the Croucher Foundation Board of Trustees and will be applicable to all current study awards.

The Croucher Scholarship stipend has been augmented from USD20,000 to the current amount of USD30,300 per annum. The Croucher Fellowship stipend has been augmented from USD38,000 to the current amount of USD48,240 per annum.

As for the changes in allowances, Croucher award recipients can benefit from an increase in the research allowance associated with the Croucher Fellowship from USD8,100 to USD15,000 per annum, which is to be used at their discretion.

In order to allow Croucher Scholarship and Fellowship recipients to attend conferences, workshops or courses during the tenure of their awards, the existing conference allowance will be replaced by an academic development allowance of USD2,000 per annum.

The current spouse and dependents allowance will be replaced by a family allowance of up to USD16,000 per annum for a first child, and up to USD6,800 per annum for a second child.

A one-off allowance of USD1,000 will replace the current books and thesis preparation allowances to cover the costs of arriving in a new country, including inward visa costs, local transport on arrival, temporary accommodation etc.

Furthermore, Croucher Foundation will be introducing a medical insurance allowance of up to USD2,000 per annum to cover medical insurance costs.

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