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Advanced Study Institute on cloud computing

5 December 2014

The 2014 Croucher Advanced Study Institute on Information Security and Privacy in Social Networks and Cloud Computing took place from 2-4 December at City University in Hong Kong.

Advanced Study Institutes are funded by Croucher Foundation to encourage dynamic in-depth discussions on the latest developments in a particular discipline of science and technology. The scheme aims to promote the assimilation and advancement of knowledge amongst established researchers and scientists.

This high-level workshop reflects the rapidly increasing prominence of security issues and relevant technologies related to social networks and cloud computing in the spheres of scientific development as well as day-to-day usage

“Existing technologies are insufficient to protect users due to prevailing security holes,” said Professor Xiaohua Jia, Director of Advanced Study Institute and Chair Professor at the Department of Computer Science at City University.

A program highlighting these issues helps in reaching out to a broader audience and provides information for subsequent research and investigation.

The Advanced Study Institute brought together brilliant minds in the field of computer science from different parts of the world to share their insights and progress in research specific to security and privacy concerns.

One such lecturer, Professor Prasant Mohapatra, a professor in the Department of Computer Science at University of California, Davis, explored issues of privacy leakage on public networks and security enhancing technologies in his keynote lecture.

Regarding the Advanced Study Institute, he said, “Almost everyone in the audience is pursuing research in this area so, they were familiar with the state-of-the-art terms in this research. It made it easy for me to talk at a higher level of intensity.”

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