Sports biomechanics

Sports biomechanics

This course aims to provide a platform for both international and local researchers working on biomechanics in the fields of orthopaedics, sports medicine, and sports science to bring together known best practices, the latest technological advances, and new evidence-based research.
  • 22 July — 26 July, 2024

  • Chinese University of Hong Kong

  • HK$3,000 (Includes accommodation)

  • Apply by 14 March, 2024

What you'll study

  • The definition and basic physics of biomechanics, and its application in the field of sports medicine and sports science.
  • The latest techniques of biomechanics including biomechanics measures of joint stability, model-based image-matching, on-field motion analysis. Participants will be equipped with the skills of biomechanics analysis and employable to work for biomechanics assessments. 
  • The latest developments of sport biomechanics research in the area of orthopaedics surgery, injury prevention, rehabilitation, and sports performance.

Who is the course for

Postgraduate students and early career researchers

Scholarship application

Applicants are encouraged to submit abstracts in the application form to compete for the scholarships:
Major award: HK$3,000 X 6
Minor award: HK$1,000 X 6

Abstract requirements:

  • Related to biomechanics/sports science/rehabilitation
  • Limit to 300 words
  • With title, authors, affiliation, and main body of abstract

If you have any enquiries about the course, please contact Kon Chan by email at

Please note that all participants, including those from Hong Kong, are required to stay for the entire duration of the Summer Course in the provided residential accommodation. This is to ensure maximum interaction and engagement among all participants.

Course director

Professor Patrick Yung
Professor Patrick Yung

Professor and Chairman of Orthopaedics & Traumatology, Chinese University of Hong Kong

Course co-director

Dr Daniel Fong
Dr Daniel Fong

Loughborough University

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