Printed Electronics

This Advanced Study Institue is dedicated to the research of the next-generation large-area, low cost, and novel flexible electronics - collectively referred to as printed electronics. This research area is of vital interest to semiconductor industries because (1) it promises fabrication of large-area devices via high-speed printing instead of traditional photolithography, and (2) it renders electronics flexible, stretchable and biocompatible, thus allowing novel applications in consumer electronics and biomedical devices.
To highlight the recent advances in the next-generation printed electronics, which are able to achieve high device performance and high energy conversion efficiency on flexible substrates through use of advanced semiconducting materials and fabrication methodologies,' (2) to introduce to local researchers the new notion of printed electronics, which drives the design and fabrication of novel organic electronic materials that lead to amazing devices such as high performance printed organic transistors and organic photovoltaic devices,ยท and (3) to create networking opportunities for future collaborations and strengthen the competitive edge of Hong Kong in the area of printed electronics.
A Croucher Advanced Study Institute in partnership with the Chinese University of Hong Kong.