Dec16 16 – 20 December 2013 at the University of Hong Kong

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Integrative Approaches to Understanding Disorder of the Skeleton

This workshop provides foundational knowledge and up-to-date perspectives in the area of skeletal disorders by integrating the clinical approaches and genetic technologies, with an aim to translate the understanding of disease mechanism to offering of targeted, personalized therapeutic interventions to patients.
Skeletal disorders are one of the world's most serious health problems. The clinical spectrum ranges from various forms of rare congenital/developmental anomalies affecting children, to more common conditions like scoliosis, osteoarthritis and osteoporosis, affecting adolescents and adults of different age groups. These conditions cause long-term physical disability and impairment for hundreds of millions of people and impacting on the quality of life. Therefore, understanding disorders of the skeleton ins of enormous health, social, and economic importance. Technological advance in our approaches to investigate the human genome using high throughout analysis of human variations (Whole Genome Scan) and next generation sequencing have and will continue to bring about new initiatives in understanding the complexity of genetic diseases and their influence in health and disease development. These discoveries will not only shed light on the mechanistic insights of the diseases but also provide hope for targeted, personalized therapeutics in the near future. The major goal of this ASI is to educate and update researcher in HK, Mainland China and other surrounding regions on the rapid progress in the different areas of skeletal research, their implications in clinical practice, from diagnostics to interventions and the related ethical, social and legal issues. This ASI targets scientists and clinicians and the areas of focus include skeletal development, the genomic and functional approaches for gene discovery in common and rare skeletal disorders, clinical diagnosis, on-going clinical trials and advances in treatment as well as the ethical issues in the clinical practice and researches. This will encourage local and international collaborations, bringing HK further to the forefront on both the research and clinical service on this important area of medicine.
A Croucher Advanced Study Institute in partnership with the University of Hong Kong.

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