Advances in Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Studies

This meeting brings international renowned leaders in NPC and EBV research to HK, as well as leaders in other areas of special interest to researchers in HK to discuss the latest advances in MPC and related studies.
NPC is a cancer of special interest in HK because of its high incidence among Southern Chinese and its rarity in most other parts of the world. In fact, this area is of such strategic importance in HK, that we now have an Area of Excellence grant dedicated to NPC research. To further raise our international visibility in both clinical and basic science research inMPC and to have greater interactions with international experts in the field, we would like to host an ASI focused on NPC. We aim to have lectures and discussions between clinicians and basic scientists with a common interest in NPC, EBV, cancer genomics, and clinical treatment. Enhancing collaborations between the local, regional, and international participants will be an expected outcome of this proposed ASI.
A Croucher Advanced Study Institute in partnership with the University of Hong Kong.