The 50th Joint School Science Exhibition Grand Opening

26 August 2017

The 50th Joint School Science Exhibition Grand Opening was held on 24 August 2017.

The Joint School Science Exhibition Preparation Committee is a registered and non-profit-making charitable organization in Hong Kong. It is solely comprised of students from more than 150 local secondary schools who are passionate for science.

The annual Joint School Science Exhibition has been held successively and successfully by the committee and the Croucher Foundation support this year’s exhibition. 

The theme “community” is set for the year in hope to showcase how science can help enhance the general well-being of the community. The programme encourages students to dig deep into aspects of safety and comfort in community, to identify possibilities for improvement or creation, as well as to invent products or conduct investigations accordingly. 

After rounds of selection, 23 teams have been shortlisted. The winner goes to a team from Belilios Public School which noticed the problem of overcrowding during rush hours in MTR and addressed the issue with a smart phone application that can detect crowd density using infrared detector. 

The first runner-up goes to students from Tsuen Wan Public Ho Chuen Yiu Memorial College, who worked on a smart traffic system that gives advance information about road conditions ahead by linking up traffic signs with a phone application that sends out notification using iBeacon technology. 

The second runner-up was presented to students from Homantin Government Secondary School and St. Paul’s Secondary School. The team from Homantin Government Secondary School utilised technology from ultrasonic sensors to develop a smart ashtray that closes its lid which helps to prevent black smoke from spreading around and to ensure cigarettes are not relighting by cutting oxygen supply. 

The team from St. Paul’s Secondary School designed an emergency signalling system for pedestrians to minimise traffic accidents.

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