Nerd Nite x CSA

26 July 2019

Croucher Scholars Association organised a public talk in collaboration with Nerd Nite Hong Kong on 22 Jul 2019.

Nerd Nite is a monthly lecture event that aims at a casual, relaxed, and slightly inebriated evening of academic fun times. The idea is for people to have a good time with friends over drinks while learning a thing or two. Their unofficial tag line is “It’s like the Discovery Channel – with beer!”

The response to our call for speakers was overwhelming, and we received far more than we can possibly accommodate in one Nerd Nite talk. 

Croucher scholars Professor Kenneth Leung (Croucher Fellowship 2000), Dr Winston Sun (Croucher Fellowship 2001) and Dr Carmen Wong (Croucher Innovation Award 2017, Croucher Fellowship 2009) talked about marine ecology, space digitisation, and how one becomes a researcher. 

The Croucher Scholars Association is keen to raise awareness and promote wider understanding of science and technology among the general public. Steering committee of the Association, Albert C. S. Chung, Leo Poon, Rosa Chan , Jonathan Choi and Ken Ho encourages scholars to join the Croucher Scholars Association.
 Scholars interested in joining or helping to establish the Croucher Scholars Association, please send an email to