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Croucher Science Week school programme extended

20 April 2022

Hands on activities and science shows available until 22 May.

Our original plan for Croucher Science Week didn’t take into account the early summer holiday arrangements for schools in March and April. As a result, the Croucher Science Week school programme was set to end just as students were about to return to school.

Now we can announce that with the generous support of our many facilitators and our partners, the Hong Kong Science Museum and the Education Bureau, the Croucher Science Week school programme has been extended for one month from 22 April to 22 May.

We hope that students and teachers enjoy participating in our programme of interactive talks, experiments and shows.

Schools interested in Croucher Science Week are invited to register here.

For further information, feel free to contact us at

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Croucher scholars, Dr Suzanne So & Dr Sam Lau at Croucher Science Week.