Croucher Ecology Issue One: Land

23 April 2021

This week the Croucher Foundation published the first of a series of publications to explore the biodiversity of Hong Kong. Starting with the land, the first issue examines the terrestrial ecology of Hong Kong.

We believe the scientific community plays a critical role in ongoing efforts to conserve the natural environment in Hong Kong. Over the years, the Foundation has supported many of the scientists who have contributed to our understanding of the local ecosystem. Community organisations including the Conservancy Association, Friends of the Earth, Civic Exchange, and the Hong Kong Bird Watching Society have conducted survey work and advocacy. Smaller community and social media groups promote interest and awareness.

Much remains to be discovered, from the characteristics and lifestyles of numerous species of flora and fauna, to macro questions about the ecological impact of, and mitigations against, urban development, air and water pollution, and climate change.

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COMING SOON: Get ready to jump into the deep with Part Two of the Croucher Foundation Ecology Newsletter which will examine our marine environment. Ready for publication in May 2021.