Croucher class of 2016: Scholars past and current gather for a send off

15 August 2016

At the start of a new phase in their science careers, the 2016 Croucher Scholarship and Fellowship recipients gathered together with Croucher alumni from years past to celebrate. This year’s awards total almost HK$25 million, with awards going to postdoctoral scientists and doctoral researchers both in Hong Kong and abroad.

After a competitive review process conducted by a team of 19 local and overseas scientists from a wide range of disciplines, 18 recipients were chosen. The Croucher scholarships are full scholarships, which means they cover tuition fees, maintenance allowance, medical insurance allowance, airfare, and allowances for attending international conferences.

The awards, however, are restricted to doctoral and postdoctoral levels of studies in the natural sciences, technology, and medicine. The maximum for a doctoral scholarship may be as high as HK$1.87 million each, while that of a postdoctoral fellowship for two years may be up to HK$1 million each.

This year’s class features scientists heading out all over the world, with doctoral and post-doctoral studies at universities and institutes in the U.S., Israel, Sweden, Italy, Germany, and the U.K. Also present at the send-off luncheon were previous Croucher scholars, who all shared a few words of advice for our outgoing awards recipients.

A few years ago doing my PhD overseas was simply a dream, but the Croucher Foundation has made this a reality. The Croucher Foundation links together brilliant scientific minds from Hong Kong, and I am more than delighted to join this prestigious family of scholars. I thank Croucher for this network encompassing different fields of scientific research, for the academic exchange and open-mindedness that it promotes, and most importantly for its generous support for young scientists like myself.
Joseph Ng, 2016 Croucher Scholar

Croucher Foundation Fellowships and Scholarships 2016/2017



Dr CHAN Chi Shing | Biophotonics engineering | California Institute of Technology, USA

Dr CHEUNG Man Wai | Mirror symmetry, algebraic geometry | Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, USA

Dr LAM Yan Choi | Computational chemistry | University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA

Dr LAU Pak Hang | Particle physics | Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

Dr LEE Ho Tin | Electric motor drives | Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

Dr NG Chun Yu | Theoretical astro-particle physics | Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel

Dr TANG Tsz Ho | Genetics, developmental neurobiology | Albert Einstein College of Medicine, USA

Dr TSE Chun Ming, Edmund | Biochemistry, DNA, electrochemistry | California Institute of Technology, USA

Dr YUNG Yuk Kwong | Stem cell epigenetics | Karolinska Institutet, Sweden



CHOI Pui Tung | Computational geometry, medical imaging, computer graphics | Harvard University, USA

LAM Ho Tat |Quantum field theory and condensed matter theory | Princeton University, USA

NG Chi Fung, Joseph | Cancer bioinformatics | King’s College London, UK

SO Chun | Oocyte biology, chromosome biology | Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry, Germany

TSANG Fai | Neuroscience | European Molecular Biology Laboratory, Italy


Croucher Cambridge International Scholarship 2016/2017

SZETO Chung Ho | Cancer biology, cell signalling | University of Cambridge, UK

WONG Jo Yin, Joseph | Biosensors, Alzheimer’s disease | University of Cambridge, UK


University of Oxford Croucher Scholarship 2016/2017

LOU Shing Bong |Organic chemistry and chemical biology | University of Oxford, UK


Research Studentship 2016/2017

NG Wing Hin | Organic chemistry | The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong


Good luck to all our Croucher Fellows and Scholars of 2016!