Jul 1 1 – 5 July 2019 at the Chinese University of Hong Kong

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Frontier in Cellular Biology

This five-day residential course brings together world-renowned scientists to give lectures on the most important and up-to-date developments in cell and developmental biology, which will further be supported by related hands-on laboratory sessions and interactive discussions.

Cell and developmental biology research has been a rapidly developed and evolved field in both plant and animal models in recent years. With the recent development and realisation of innovative tools in Biology Research such as Super-Resolution and Fast-Speed Live Cell Imaging, Synthetic Biology, 3D Electron Tomography (ET), and Cryo-EM (Electron Microscopy)/Cryo-ET, research in life sciences in recent years demands a highly active interdisciplinary approach of integrative biology research (e.g. chemical biology, synthetic biology, bBiomedical engineering, structural biology, organelle biology and model organisms). 

Toward this goal, CUHK have recently established the first 3D TEM system in 2016 and the first integrated cryo-EM/ET shared facility in 2018 in Hong Kong. These newly established state-of-the-art facilities have served as important platforms for promoting interdisciplinary and international collaborative research as well as research excellence in Hong Kong and beyond. With the passion for training young scientists, the rich experience and excellent track records in organising CSCs, as well as the establishment and application of state-of-the-art platforms for interdisciplinary research in Cellular and Integrative Biology。

This course aims to provide the most up-to-date training for postgraduate students and early scientist in cell and integrative biology technology and platform with the use of the state-of-the-art platforms. The course will be composed of lectures and technical talks given by internationally recognised leading experts in the fields, workshops and hands-on laboratory experiences on advanced and up-to-date methods in cellular and integrative biology research using our existing state-of-the-art platforms (e.g. In vitro budding reconstitution techniques and Patch-clamp techniques, Confocal imaging and Imaris Software analysis, demonstration of Plant transient expression systems, 3D TEM Analysis and Cryo-TE/ET Analysis),  interactive communication and discussion with top-notch scientists on scientific research and career development and, presentation and discussion on research results from the laboratory.

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A Croucher Summer Course Re-application in partnership with the Chinese University of Hong Kong.