Croucher Foundation News

New solar cells boost efficiency to record high 25 April 2022

HK and UK scientists collaborate to improve the efficiency of perovskite solar cells.

Croucher Science Week school programme extended 20 April 2022

Hands on activities and science shows available until 22 May.

A 65-million-year-old detective story 19 April 2022

This year Hong Kong plans to host a symposium of paleontological researchers.

Croucher Foundation Eighth Report 2016–2021 14 April 2022

Find out how Croucher Foundation performed over this six year period.

CUHK Scientist leads global effort to map adult-onset diabetes 31 March 2022

Professor Ronald Ma and his team examine type 1 diabetes among adults.

Croucher Science Week: Dr Stephanie Ma 30 March 2022

Dr Stephanie Ma Kwai Yee on explaining complex science simply.

Neutron scattering: a collaborative project brings Hong Kong science to the world 28 March 2022

Professor Wang Xunli speaks about his collaboration with CAS.

Physicists manipulate magnetism with light 25 March 2022

Croucher caught up with Dr Adrian Po to discuss his recent research.

Hong Kong scientists reveal massive tropical carbon loss 23 March 2022

Carbon loss has doubled over the past two decades due to excessive forest removal.

The 99 per cent 21 March 2022

Professor Ng Siew Chien uses gut microbiome for medical diagnostics and therapeutics.

Silver nitrate found to re-sensitise last-line antibiotic 18 March 2022

Professor Sun Hongzhe used silver nitrate and colistin to overcome drug-resistant pathogens.

New facet of DNA mismatch repair discovered 16 March 2022

Scientists show that the mechanism has a role in non-replication associated repair processes.

How COVID-19 causes inflammation in blood vessels 15 March 2022

Study shows how coronavirus triggers inflammation

Omicron variant survives on smooth surfaces for more than seven days 14 March 2022

The Omicron variant is tested on five different surfaces.

Building a new facility for marine biology in Hong Kong 11 March 2022

The Swire Institute of Marine Science is a research facility of HKU.

High fidelity genome editing technique developed 10 March 2022

The new technique can improve the accuracy of genome editing significantly.

CUHK study identifies gut microbial profile associated with long COVID 9 March 2022

Gut bacteria may be linked to a person’s risk of developing long COVID.

New ‘WavyOcean’ platform helps visualise marine data 8 March 2022

The platform will facilitate marine research work and offer valuable data to policy makers.

In conversation with four leading women scientists 8 March 2022

Croucher Foundation spoke to four leading women scientists about gender equality.