Croucher Foundation News

Croucher Image Awards 2020 30 September 2020

The inaugural Croucher Image Awards competition was launched in April 2020.

How connections in the brain change over time 25 September 2020

A research team led by Dr Lai Kwok-On at the University of Hong Kong has uncovered the molecular basis of how neurons change their connections during brain development.

Dennis Lo’s three-decade journey to science’s greatest prizes 22 September 2020

Innovation does not come easy and for Professor Dennis Lo.

Dennis Lo scoops ‘Oscar of Science’ for foetal DNA discovery 13 September 2020

Professor Dennis Lo has won the prestigious 2021 Breakthrough Prize for Life Sciences.

Croucher study awards open for application 11 September 2020

Applications for 2021/2022 Croucher study awards and Science Communication Studentships are now open until 5:00pm on 16 November 2020.

Venturing beyond the research lab 27 August 2020

The global medical conference circuit may have been closed by the COVID-19 pandemic. But that is not stopping the crucial exchange of information about new treatments and drugs. Dr Angela Tye-Galichet is one of those working to ensure that the wheels of knowledge continue to turn – but online.

DNA telomere length linked to diabetes cardiovascular risk 20 August 2020

A large cohort study, led by Professor Ronald Ching Wan Ma at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, together with the University of Sydney, Australia, has revealed a useful new biomarker for identifying type 2 diabetes patients at high risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

Looking for answers in the stars 13 August 2020

Even the smaller aspects of astrophysics play out over vast dimensions. Philip Leung works on things about the size of our solar system.

Chemist gallops into career with the Jockey Club 5 August 2020

On race days that take place at Hong Kong Jockey Club’s Shatin track, Dr May Fung can sometimes see the horses thunder past her window. But for her, this is not entertainment.

Deformation process revealed in high-entropy alloys at ultra-low temperatures 30 July 2020

Scientists revealed high-entropy alloys (HEAs) exhibit exceptional mechanical properties at ultra-low temperatures due to the coexistence of multiple deformation mechanisms.

Getting to the heart of the matter 22 July 2020

What if humans could grow new hearts?

Converting CO2 directly from air to fuel 15 July 2020

Dr Xu Lu's long-term goal is to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere by converting it into a usable fuel.

Uncovering the mechanism for neural progenitor competence regulation 10 July 2020

A research team led by Professor Kin-ming Kwan has provided new insights for stem cell biology and regeneration of neuronal cells.

Discovering the dormant lifestyle of Salmonella in intestinal cells 7 July 2020

How the bacteria colonise and rapidly spread to neighbouring cells within our intestine and what genes influence or control this bacterial behaviour.

The fight to stay one step ahead of cancer cells 2 July 2020

Dr Gloria Lin is working to find new answers to a complex disease that affects many people all over the world and still eludes scientists: cancer.

Croucher awardee receives Porter Medal 2020 29 June 2020

Professor Vivian Yam has been awarded the Porter Medal 2020.

Croucher Fellow receives Otto Hahn Medal and Award 24 June 2020

Dr Chun So has been awarded the Otto Hahn Medal and Otto Hahn Award.

How body and mind react to stress 19 June 2020

Have you come across the situation where you scratch your head and bite your lips repeatedly during a tough interview?

Nurturing a taste for biochemistry (and wine) 17 June 2020

From his interest in research to his passion for wine

Investigating the mysteries of unconscious vision 12 June 2020

Dr Wendy Yue's research sheds light on how we see the world around us.