Croucher Foundation News

Novel method to derive water quality criteria of metals 24 April 2018

Site-specific criteria in assessing water quality have been developed by Professor Leung.

Professor David Siu: precision medicine for hereditary diseases 18 April 2018

Professor Siu uses human induced pluripotent stem cells for therapeutic drug testing.

Professor Xuechen Li: leading the way in the fight against superbugs 13 April 2018

One threat to human health in modern times is the rise of antibiotic resistant microbes.

Split pair: chromosomal segregation 12 April 2018

Nick So is part of a research team studying meiosis in mammalian oocytes, the progenitor cells of eggs.

Alzheimer’s: genetic factors in Chinese population revealed 8 April 2018

Research team led by Professor Nancy Ip has identified Alzheimer’s disease genetic factors.

Croucher Science Week 22 March 2018

Organisers and performers gathered on on 16 March evening to kick off Croucher Science Week 2018.

Prof Guanhua Chen: fostering technology startups 20 March 2018

Professor Guanhua Chen is a pioneer of technological entrepreneurship in Hong Kong.

Prof Giulio Chiribella: exploring the fundamentals of quantum mechanics 15 March 2018

Prof Chiribella is a leading figure in quantum information science and mechanics.

How to start a company 10 March 2018

Croucher Startup 2.0 selection panel and Prof Dennis Lo spoke at an event organised by the CSA on startup environment in Hong Kong.

MERS crisis: first comprehensive study in Africa 7 March 2018

An international research team conducted the first study of MERS in Africa.

Dr Yukkee Cheung, biomedical engineer 5 March 2018

Wearable devices and health apps have transformed medical care and treatment.

68th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting 28 February 2018

Two Croucher scholars have been accepted to attend the 68th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting at Lake Constance from 24 to 29 June.

Behavioural ecology of albatrosses, petrels and shearwaters 23 February 2018

Dr Simon Sin's research on behavioural genomics explains bird size and mate choice.

Macromolecular machines for highly targeted cancer drug delivery 15 February 2018

Dr Cham-fai Leung has developed highly targeted drug carrier for cancer therapy.

Iron Man: critical role of CBS in iron homeostasis 13 February 2018

New research unlocked the mechanism of maintaining body iron homeostasis.

Prof Raymond Wong: metallopolymers for an energy efficient future 10 February 2018

Prof Wong explains application of metallopolymers.

Antimicrobial resistance: use of bismuth-based compounds 8 February 2018

Prof Sun's new research could potentially put a stop to the deadly CRE superbugs.

Robots that reason: cognitive robots 30 January 2018

Professor Lin is an expert in artificial intelligence.

Croucher Science Week 2018 28 January 2018

A new programme introduced in 2018 to stimulate local students' curiosity and science learning

CSA: Chinese New Year Reception 2018 25 January 2018

Croucher scholars gathered to celebrate the Year of Dog.