CSA: BBQ boat trip in Sai Kung

5 November 2018

Croucher scholars had an enjoyable day spent in Sai Kung on 3 Nov.

They had a short hike from Hap Mun Bay to Kiu Tsui beach. The area is known for its interesting geology, with a tombolo appears only at low tide that connects the beach to a nearby island. Croucher scholars learnt about the formation of the giant boulders with “pineapple bun”-like cracks that are scattered on the tombolo.

The day ended with a BBQ lunch onboard and some water sports activities.

Croucher Scholars Association invited interested scholars to join them in helping to form the Croucher network as a platform for excellence in science, technology and medicine in Hong Kong.

Scholars interested in helping to establish the Croucher Scholars Association are invited to send an email to csa@croucher.org.hk.