Croucher Innovation Awards

8 March 2012

The Croucher Innovation Awards are substantial awards of up to HK$5 million each for research expenses to be used over five years at the discretion of the recipient. The objective is to identify a small number of exceptionally talented scientists working at an internationally competitive level and to offer substantial support to these “rising stars” at a formative stage in their careers. These early-career fellowships are designed to enable recipients to pursue their own scientific, intellectual and professional inclinations, to advance their expertise, to engage in bold new work, and to contribute to the development of education and research in Hong Kong.

The Croucher Innovation Awards are open to scientists and scholars from all countries working in the natural sciences, technology and medicine who are in receipt of an offer of a tenure-track position from a university in Hong Kong. Candidates should have completed their doctorates with distinction less than six years ago.

The Foundation will consider nominations from universities in Hong Kong all year round. Interested applicants are advised to contact the research office of their university in Hong Kong for application details.

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