Croucher Foundation Eighth Report 2016–2021

14 April 2022

Find out how Croucher Foundation performed from the years 2016 to 2021 with a commentary from our Chairman, reports on our strategies and activities, and a count of the people and research that we have supported.

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From 2016 we conducted a multi-year study on informal science learning in Hong Kong.

In 2018 we launched Croucher Science Week, a partnership between the Croucher Foundation, the Hong Kong Science Museum and the Education Bureau of Hong Kong.

We signed a memorandum of understanding with the Max Planck Society to strengthen ties between the scientific communities of Hong Kong and Germany.

We increased the annual budget for our joint funding scheme with the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

We strengthened our network of scholars in partnership with the Croucher Scholars Association.

In 2021 we commissioned and published the Croucher Climate Change Survey to help the assessment of climate-related risk in Hong Kong.

It has been particularly gratifying over the past six years to see how the modest resources of the Foundation can be deployed systematically to provide support for some of the brightest minds in Hong Kong.
Professor Timothy M. Cox MD FRCP FMedSci, Chairman