Croucher Ecology Issue Two: Marine

15 May 2021

This is the second of a series Croucher Foundation publications to explore and celebrate the biodiversity of Hong Kong. Last month we examined how the terrestrial ecology of Hong Kong has changed over time. In the current issue you are invited to plunge into the deep and to find out more about the remarkable ecology of the region’s coastal waters.

Over the years, the Foundation has supported many of the scientists who have contributed to our understanding of the local ecosystem. Much remains to be discovered, from the characteristics and lifestyles of numerous species of flora and fauna, to questions about the ecological impact of, and mitigations against, urban development, air and water pollution, and climate change.

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COMING SOON: Get ready to put your waders on for Issue Three of the Croucher Foundation Ecology series which will explore Hong Kong’s ecologically important wetland and mangrove areas with a special focus on the Mai Po Nature Reserve. Ready for publication in June 2021.