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Scholar highlights

Dr Nicholas Wu: Influenza virus can overcome potentially crippling mutations 8 November 2017

Dr Nicholas Wu researches on flu vaccines and therapies.

Dr Kwok Wai Him: ensuring fairness in horse racing 9 October 2017

Dr Kwok Wai Him at racing laboratory of the Hong Kong Jockey Club.

Dr Jason Tak-Man Cheung: where science meets sport 3 October 2017

How to choose the right pair of sports shoes? Dr Jason Cheung shares.

Inner ecosystem: understanding the gut microbiota 18 September 2017

Dr Sunny Wong studied host-microbial interaction.

Dr Michael Cheng: finding new ways to detect online fraud 6 September 2017

Dr Cheng uses AI and machine learning to help businesses detect criminal activity.

Rescuing memory: Alzheimer’s disease 28 August 2017

Dr Rosa HM Chan (Croucher Scholarship 2004) is an Associate Professor at the Department of Electronic Engineering at City University of Hong Kong. She studied the hippocampus, the centre of emotion, memory, and the autonomic nervous system, in hope to help Alzheimer's patients.

Dr Tin Chung: prosthetic system for the cerebellum 25 August 2017

Dr Chung Tin (Croucher Scholarship 2002) explains how our respiratory system works.

A global concern: mobile app to forecast air pollution 21 August 2017

Air pollution is a growing global concern that has been linked to several health conditions. Dr Ng Ho-Tsang recently joined Clustertech Limited, a Hong-Kong based company working to combat this issue.

The dark side of the digital age: impact of e-waste 24 July 2017

Professor Wong Ming Hung stresses the impact of e-waste to children.

Unravelling mysteries: a love affair with CFTR 20 July 2017

Professor Chan spent almost 30 years delving into the mysteries of CFTR.

Dr Ella Fung: exploring resiliency to radiotherapy cancer treatment 14 July 2017

Dr Ella Fung has recently completed her PhD at Oxford Institute for Radiation Oncology.

Mixing science with consultancy: promoting innovation and technology 12 July 2017

How science is related to consultancy? Dr Albert Wong shares his story.

Super-resolution: developing low-cost technology for biophotonic research 7 July 2017

Dr Antony Chi Shing Chan found ways to minimise biophotonics research cost.

Buckle up: gravitational waves 28 June 2017

Dr Lap-Ming Lin and his team study the properties and dynamics of neutron stars.

Professor Jun Yu: towards early detection of colorectal cancer 25 June 2017

Professor Jun Yu discovered biomarkers that allow early diagnosis of colorectal cancer.

Microscopic marine fungi 23 June 2017

Professor Pang Ka Lai explores the use of fungi in industrial or medical settings.

Casting the net: open source drug discovery in China 20 June 2017

Dr Li Chi Ho shares how scientists in R&D company co-create innovative products.

Fishing for answers: acute myeloid leukaemia 9 June 2017

Professor Anskar Leung uses zebrafish to study acute myeloid leukaemia.

Sense of smell: ephaptic interactions in insects 8 June 2017

Angela Tsang studies the sense of smell in insects.