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Scholar highlights

Buckle up: gravitational waves 28 June 2017

Dr Lap-Ming Lin and his team study the properties and dynamics of neutron stars.

Professor Jun Yu: towards early detection of colorectal cancer 25 June 2017

Professor Jun Yu discovered biomarkers that allow early diagnosis of colorectal cancer.

Microscopic marine fungi 23 June 2017

Professor Pang Ka Lai explores the use of fungi in industrial or medical settings.

Casting the net: open source drug discovery in China 20 June 2017

Dr Li Chi Ho shares how scientists in R&D company co-create innovative products.

Fishing for answers: acute myeloid leukaemia 9 June 2017

Professor Anskar Leung uses zebrafish to study acute myeloid leukaemia.

Sense of smell: ephaptic interactions in insects 8 June 2017

Angela Tsang studies the sense of smell in insects.

Diabetes and stroke 3 June 2017

A story of how Dr Gary Tse became the most junior lead investigator at CUHK.

Muscle stem cells, tissue repair and ageing 25 May 2017

From the very first PC, Dr Tom H Cheung (2015 Innovation Award) developed his love to science and technology and now, studying skeleton muscle stem cells to find cures for aged-associated diseases

Professor Malik Peiris elected to US National Academy of Sciences 23 May 2017

Congratulations to Professor Peiris receiving one of the highest honours in the field.

Taking shape: computational geometry 21 May 2017

Gary Choi shares how studies on different shapes and curves help to tackle real life problem.

Instant reaction: study of the midbrain 17 May 2017

Emmy Tsang looks at neuroscience and in particular how innate fear is processed.

Good and evil: endogenous retroviruses and cancer treatment 14 May 2017

Dr Danny Leung studies the regulatory properties of noncoding DNA.

The day after tomorrow: optimisingĀ the autonomous vehicle system 10 May 2017

Dr Albert Lam researches on autonomous electric vehicle system optimisation.

Touchable art: use of fog with volumetric display 28 April 2017

Dr Miu-Ling Lam uses fog in a new area between art and technology.

Good night? Sleep and chronic pain 25 April 2017

Dr Nicole Tang is a clinical psychologist studying the interaction between sleep and chronic pain.

The X-files: uncovering secrets of dark matter 14 April 2017

Dr Kenny Ng shares his exciting research on dark matter.

No to exploding phones: scientific consultants to keep you safe 10 April 2017

Dr Jessica Lee shares how she helps in making better and safer products.

Hand in hand: medical robotics 30 March 2017

Professor Zion Tse researching on medical robotics for developments of cutting-edge clinical medicine.

Light the night: nanophotonics and photonic crystals 24 March 2017

Scientists are now able to manipulate photons at nanoscale.

Michael Kwong: from cartoons to catalyst design 22 March 2017

A love of TV cartoons drew Michael Kwong Fuk-yee into a career in chemistry.