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Scholar highlights

Friends or foes? Resident T cells in the skin 8 February 2019

Dr Stanley Cheuk studied the role of resident memory T cells in psoriasis and vitiligo.

Building insights on brain plasticity 31 January 2019

Dr Henry Hing Cheong Lee is helping to demonstrate how neural inhibition is critical to normal brain functions and development.

Spinning to a 2D future 15 January 2019

Professor Xiaodong Cui has been experimenting with solid-state physics.

Educating the next generation of doctors 11 January 2019

Dr Forshing Lui is exploring the generation gap in medical education.

Securing our online future 8 November 2018

A Croucher Fellow is recognised for his leading research on internet security and privacy protection for blockchain technology.

Engineering solutions for pollution control and clean energy 5 November 2018

Professor Dennis Leung is using the power of the sun to fuel engineering innovations.

Transformative times 30 October 2018

Energy research by a University of Hong Kong academic is driving forward ways to improve battery performance.

Fuz protein and neurological disorders 18 August 2018

Recent research revealed the pathogenic mechanism for a group of rare genetic neuronal disorders known as polyQ diseases.

Long and winding road: understanding quantum chromodynamics 8 August 2018

Mr Ho-Tat Lam studies theoretical high energy physics at Princeton University.

Uncovering the mystery of the quantum world 25 July 2018

Dr Ching-Kit Chan is a theoretical physicist at UCLA who is working on quantum physics.

Font engineering: from genomes to typography​ 22 June 2018

Story of Dr Hin-tak Leung who made a shift from physicist to a career in typography.

Clement Tsui: searching for new approaches to treat tuberculosis 4 May 2018

Clement Tsui studied on the use of novel drug candidates to tackle tuberculosis.

Long read: Plankton in Peril! 3 May 2018

In the Chan Lab at the HKUST, Karen Chan is working all-out to understand the secrets of keystone marine organisms.

Dr Man-yan Wong: molecular pharmacologist and neuroscientist 28 April 2018

Wong is an investigator at the Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research..

Professor Xuechen Li: leading the way in the fight against superbugs 13 April 2018

One threat to human health in modern times is the rise of antibiotic resistant microbes.

Split pair: chromosomal segregation 12 April 2018

Nick So is part of a research team studying meiosis in mammalian oocytes, the progenitor cells of eggs.

Prof Guanhua Chen: fostering technology startups 20 March 2018

Professor Guanhua Chen is a pioneer of technological entrepreneurship in Hong Kong.

Prof Giulio Chiribella: exploring the fundamentals of quantum mechanics 15 March 2018

Prof Chiribella is a leading figure in quantum information science and mechanics.

Behavioural ecology of albatrosses, petrels and shearwaters 23 February 2018

Dr Simon Sin's research on behavioural genomics explains bird size and mate choice.

Prof Raymond Wong: metallopolymers for an energy efficient future 10 February 2018

Prof Wong explains application of metallopolymers.