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Scholar highlights

Quantum physicists take a cold hard look at atoms 19 May 2022

Dr Jo Gyu-Boong is interested in just how close an atom can get to absolute zero.

Croucher Scholar reimagines the water droplet 11 May 2022

Professor Anderson Shum is harnessing the physical properties of water droplets.

Croucher Science Week: Dr Rosa Chan 29 April 2022

Participating in Croucher Science Week has helped Dr Chan to explain complex science including her research in engineering.

Insights into regeneration 27 April 2022

Nicola Wong is using bioinformatics to explore the comparative and evolutionary genomics of different organisms.

Croucher Science Week: Dr Stephanie Ma 30 March 2022

Dr Stephanie Ma Kwai Yee on explaining complex science simply.

The 99 per cent 21 March 2022

Professor Ng Siew Chien uses gut microbiome for medical diagnostics and therapeutics.

Croucher scholar uses simulation to advance study of DNA nanotechnology 14 February 2022

The field of DNA nanotechnology began with DNA origami less than two decades ago, when scientists discovered that they could fold DNA into different shapes, allowing them to build tiny molecular structures. Today, a Croucher scholar is advancing the field to simulate the qualitative properties of nano scale DNA structures to make them more effective tools for science and medicine.

Building bridges to deeper machine learning 5 October 2021

Speeding up the performance of computers used in machine learning is important for many data-driven applications including advanced drone navigation, self-driving cars and credit card fraud detection.

Teaching students to tell the stories of science 17 July 2021

Over some 20 years as an inspirational science teacher and, later, as panel head of the Science Research Department at Maryknoll Fathers’ School in Hong Kong, To Yuen-man has developed an impressive track record as an effective science educator.

From environmental communication to action 18 June 2021

During the second year of Smriti Safaya's Master of Philosophy degree in Earth Science at the University of Hong Kong, while researching earthquakes in central Tibet, she had, if not a eureka moment, certainly one that changed the direction of her life.

2D perovskite discovery delivers greater LED efficiency 4 June 2021

A research team led by Chair Professor Andrey Rogach at City University of Hong Kong has created a new type of 2D perovskite material that improves the efficiency of perovskite nanocrystals, boosting the brightness of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) using this material.

Making a story of psychology 18 May 2021

Dr Suzanne So was the first clinical psychologist in HK to offer early assessment for young people with psychosis.

A natural at sharing enthusiasm for the environment 4 May 2021

An early love of nature and an inspirational teacher prompted Dr Sam Lau to turn his weekend pastime into a career.

Making an adventure of science 29 April 2021

Dr Faye Suk-ying Tsang has retained the adventurous approach to scientific investigation that first led her to seek out small creatures around the parks and beaches of Hong Kong.

Diving into life before birth 20 April 2021

From probing the mysteries of a sunken submarine aircraft carrier, resting upright more than 30 metres under the waters off the coast of Plymouth, UK, to attempting to apply machine learning for estimating the age of a fetus in the womb, Lok Hin Lee seeks the challenge of the new.

Genome researcher seeks to boost targeted treatment for COVID-19 7 January 2021

While the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines dominates the news, the quest for better treatments for this virus and other infections is continuing apace. Dr Andrew Kwok has joined this endeavour, as a DPhil researcher with a leading University of Oxford research group working for better outcomes in treatment of infectious diseases.

Shedding light on novel nanomaterials 27 December 2020

For Professor Andrey Rogach, a pioneering nanoscience researcher, it was a visionary supervisor in his home country of Belarus who set him on a research path that would lead to recognition as one of the world’s top materials scientists.

Flow chemist enhances drug synthesis to assist medical treatments 2 December 2020

Many people imagine chemists as goggle-adorned scientists swirling round-bottom flasks. However, this is not the case with Dr Wai Chung Fu and his chemistry lab, where he is pioneering the use of automated robotic technology.

Setting AI to work for the good of human health 17 November 2020

In science fiction, machines are often a force for evil: invading, conquering, and killing. But at BenevolentAI in London, Dr Ngai Yi Mok and his colleagues are harnessing the power of machines for good, using AI in their efforts to counter diseases through drug discovery and development.

When time began: mapping the earliest moments of our universe 21 October 2020

Dr Sam Wong's research extends from the smallest known particles in existence to the massive system they have created: our entire universe.