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Research highlights

Macromolecular machines for highly targeted cancer drug delivery 15 February 2018

Dr Cham-fai Leung has developed highly targeted drug carrier for cancer therapy.

Iron Man: critical role of CBS in iron homeostasis 13 February 2018

New research unlocked the mechanism of maintaining body iron homeostasis.

Antimicrobial resistance: use of bismuth-based compounds 8 February 2018

Prof Sun's new research could potentially put a stop to the deadly CRE superbugs.

Robust OLED material designed by Croucher scholars got exclusive license 12 December 2017

Scientists collaborate to design affordable OLED material.

Flu vaccines: Are they really effective? 30 November 2017

New research could improve the effectiveness of flu vaccines and therapies.

Tomatoes with enhanced antioxidant properties 18 November 2017

Researchers have used genetic modification to add nutritional value.

Overcoming resistance to antibiotics 12 October 2017

Microbiologists have discovered a chemical compound that could treat a deadly superbug without using antibiotics.

Virtual human: robots can now understand natural languages 20 September 2017

Software system developed to make robots better at following spoken instructions.

New blood test to detect hard-to-spot type of cancer 11 August 2017

New blood test developed by Professor Dennis Lo could help save cancer patients.

Croucher Foundation sponsors disaster reduction report 31 May 2017

Researchers from universities in the Greater China and Asia-Pacific region put forward their valuable insights as the UN looks to move ahead on a global strategy for disaster risk reduction.

X-domain: understanding the mechanism of viral infection 20 April 2017

Researchers have identified how chikungunya virus infects healthy cells.

Calling all stations: antenna design 18 April 2017

Professor Luk shares his antenna research and how these technologies help to ease life.

Breakthrough in gastric cancer research 31 January 2015

A Hong Kong-based research team led by a Croucher award recipient has achieved a major breakthrough in gastric cancer research.