Croucher Foundation News

Research highlights

First whole-genome sequencing analyses for rare bowel disease 10 October 2018

Fresh hope for more effective treatment strategies for Hirschsprung disease sufferers.

Croucher scholar discovers first case of rat hepatitis E in humans 3 October 2018

A study has discovered for the first time that rat hepatitis E virus can infect humans.

HKU postgraduate flies high with solar telescope balloon project 30 September 2018

HKU MSc student received a HK$ 50,000 grant to participate in a near space project.

Plant protein regulator provides insight into crop growth and protection 25 September 2018

Professor Jiang has identified a regulator related to the biogenesis of plants.

Handy sensor to enhance food safety 22 September 2018

A new food safety testing system has been developed to detect contaminants in food within several minutes.

Inhibitory peptides to control autophagy 23 August 2018

The new peptides can be used to occlude autophagy in living animals.

Reversing brain damage with two proteins 10 August 2018

Dr Kwok-Fai Lau discovered a mechanism to stimulates the growth of nerve cell.

Window to the soul: ultrafast microscope to help tackle glaucoma 3 August 2018

A microscope that may help the study of glaucoma has been developed.

Flexible sensor to speed up inflammation test 15 July 2018

New sensor developed by Professor Aimin Xu makes inflammation testing 30 times faster.

Dengue virus replication halted by regulatory protein 5 July 2018

A recent research published by Dr Sumana Sanyal (Croucher Non-Clinical Assistant Professorship 2017) of the University of Hong Kong could possibly provide new insights into the development of antivirals and vaccine against dengue.

Motorless robots 18 June 2018

A team of mechanical engineers has developed a new class of actuating material that may help the development of motorless robots in future.

Robotic system to be used in brain surgery 15 June 2018

An engineering team led by Dr Kwok Ka-wai of the University of Hong Kong has developed a robot to improve the accuracy of brain surgery when used inside a magnetic resonance imaging scanner.

Osteoporosis drug may be cardioprotective 12 May 2018

Alendronate might reduced risk of cardiovascular events in hip fracture patients.

A new use for anti-fungal medicines 10 May 2018

Professor Yu's new research suggested that a common fungicidal drug, terbinafine, can be used to prevent and treat liver disease.

Professor Anthony Yeh: untangling multilevel road networks 5 May 2018

New system developed to determine which road level they have just entered.

Novel method to derive water quality criteria of metals 24 April 2018

Site-specific criteria in assessing water quality have been developed by Professor Leung.

Professor David Siu: precision medicine for hereditary diseases 18 April 2018

Professor Siu uses human induced pluripotent stem cells for therapeutic drug testing.

Alzheimer’s: genetic factors in Chinese population revealed 8 April 2018

Research team led by Professor Nancy Ip has identified Alzheimer’s disease genetic factors.

MERS crisis: first comprehensive study in Africa 7 March 2018

An international research team conducted the first study of MERS in Africa.

Dr Yukkee Cheung, biomedical engineer 5 March 2018

Wearable devices and health apps have transformed medical care and treatment.