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Seeds of sustainability: Virtual carpological herbarium to preserve Hong Kong's ecology 25 November 2022

The online resource offers 3D seed models of more than 300 plants specimens, archived by the research team at Chinese University of Hong Kong’s Shiu-Ying Hu Herbarium.

Expanding our view of the Universe into the quantum realm 14 November 2022

A new quantum optic camera developed by Hong Kong University of Science and Technology researchers will allow the study of the fastest processes in the cosmos.

Q&A with Professor Tim Cheng on designing better AI computer chips 28 September 2022

Croucher caught up with Professor Tim Cheng to learn more about how ACCESS is revolutionising AI chip design.

Making the perfect sound absorbers using metamaterials 26 September 2022

Metamaterials are starting to live up to their promise with customisable sound absorbers making their way from theoretical principles to commercial products.

Investigating evolution in the birthplace of humanity 30 August 2022

A study of fossils in Africa seems to rule out one driver of evolution in mammals.

Q&A with Dr Zhang Rui on advancing local research on soft matter 28 June 2022

Dr Zhang Rui has shown for the first time how liquid crystals could form the basic elements needed for logic operations. Zhang developed this theoretical approach while he was a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Chicago. He joined the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in 2020. Croucher caught up with Zhang to learn more about the research group he set up here.

Robotic slime: a moving, shape-shifting game changer 10 May 2022

A popular child’s toy inspired Dr Li Zhang to create a magnetic slime robot.

Paving the way for plant-based vaccine technology 4 May 2022

HK scientists discovered a key mechanism behind storage protein in plant seeds.

A 65-million-year-old detective story 19 April 2022

This year Hong Kong plans to host a symposium of paleontological researchers.

Neutron scattering: a collaborative project brings Hong Kong science to the world 28 March 2022

Professor Wang Xunli speaks about his collaboration with CAS.

How COVID-19 causes inflammation in blood vessels 15 March 2022

Study shows how coronavirus triggers inflammation

Building a new facility for marine biology in Hong Kong 11 March 2022

The Swire Institute of Marine Science is a research facility of HKU.

In conversation with four leading women scientists 8 March 2022

Croucher Foundation spoke to four leading women scientists about gender equality.

Citizen science is expanding our knowledge of Hong Kong’s jellyfish 18 January 2022

Citizens help document and learn about Hong Kong’s jellyfish.