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An image of the Antarctic 8 February 2024

As we prepare to announce the results of the 2023 Croucher Image Awards we look back at the winning entry of the 2021 Awards, Antarctic Ice Streams, by Dr Felix Ng, which captures the converging pattern of ice stream flow in West Antarctica

HKU researchers discover potential treatment for lethal form of leukaemia 18 January 2024

A Hong Kong research team has identified a novel therapeutic target for a lethal subtype of acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) which may improve patient outcomes and lead to new treatments for other cancers as well

Unravelling the foundations of type 2 diabetes 18 January 2024

For the first time, researchers have used a single-molecule technique to study the potential origins of type 2 diabetes

Ultra-white ceramic tiles can cool buildings without electricity 29 December 2023

By combining high reflectivity with radiative cooling, a new ceramic material can reduce the need for air conditioning in buildings.

Mapping the 21st Century: artist Qiu Zhijie talks to Croucher News 20 December 2023

World-renowned artist and art theorist Qiu Zhijie visited Hong Kong recently and found time to speak to Croucher News about his work, his attitudes towards science and the arts, and his map making.

The gradual return of Hong Kong’s mangroves 12 December 2023

Mangrove forests are highly valuable habitats, being important carbon sinks, sheltering coastlines from storms, and supporting over 1,500 species globally. 

Physicists gather in Hong Kong to discuss quantum criticality 24 November 2023

Leading physicists from around the world are meeting in Hong Kong next month for a prestigious course sponsored by Croucher Foundation on quantum criticality and topological phase transitions.

A life in the day of a PhD student in Hong Kong 10 November 2023

Coşkun Güçlü is looking into the best way of rewilding Hong Kong

Developing better batteries 4 November 2023

How scientists in Hong Kong have achieved an important breakthrough in battery technology.

The benefits of citizen science 2 November 2023

Smriti Safaya is pursuing a postdoctoral fellowship with the support of Croucher Foundation.

Making objects disappear 12 February 2023

Hong Kong's wild boars 5 February 2023

Rise of the aquabots 12 January 2023

Food heritage: recovering Hong Kong’s rice varieties 22 December 2022

Old local staples return to dinner tables through genetic technology.

Virtual herbarium to preserve HK ecology 30 November 2022

The online resource offers 3D seed models of more than 300 plants specimens, archived by the research team at Chinese University of Hong Kong’s Shiu-Ying Hu Herbarium.

Expanding our view of the Universe into the 'quantum realm' 14 November 2022

A new quantum optic camera developed by Hong Kong University of Science and Technology researchers will allow the study of the fastest processes in the cosmos.

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