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Less is more: New technology for synthetic mRNA boosts efficiency 24 November 2022

Enhanced life span and efficiency of mRNA may reduce the dosage needed for mRNA drugs and vaccines and could lower the cost of treatments.

Deep Carbon: Finding clues to global climate change deep within the Earth’s interior 22 November 2022

CO2 deep below the Earth’s surface may be more active than previously thought, with major implications for the planet’s carbon cycle and on sustainable development, according to a study by researchers at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

Bringing the promise of eco-friendly batteries, a study's novel catalyst design boosts metal-CO2 performance 26 October 2022

Unconventional phase nanostructures may signal a breakthrough for the new generation of meta-gas batteries

Undiscovered ancient Martian lakes could contain critical insights into past climates 27 September 2022

Scientists have shown that Mars contains evidence of ancient lakes.

Sea urchin’s secret to surviving marine heatwaves 10 August 2022

A research team at The Swire Institute of Marine Science experimentally assessed whether adult sea urchins that are exposed to marine heatwaves could pass beneficial protective mechanisms onto their offspring, thus ensuring the survival of the next generation.

New low-cost hydrogen fuel cell also most durable to date 6 July 2022

Researchers have developed a more durable and cost-effective hydrogen fuel cell, offering promising applications to green energy.

Novel chipscope enables label-free monitoring of live cell activities 16 June 2022

The new chipscope allows real-time monitoring of cells inside incubators.

Plant-inspired origami microfluidic device 13 June 2022

Engineers have developed an origami microfluidic device that can respond to changes in the environment.

​​New metabolic route explains liver cancer cell adaptability 10 June 2022

The study shows how liver cancer cells can grow without a sufficient supply of oxygen.

First myriapod genome bank explains divergent evolutionary trajectories 31 May 2022

Biologists have sequenced the genome of nine centipede and millipede species.

New advanced vision sensors emulate human visual adaptability 31 May 2022

Future autonomous vehicles and industrial cameras could have human-like vision.

Researchers identify a new regulator of satiety signals 30 May 2022

The reported enzyme can control weight gain by intervening signalling mechanism.

CUHK joins university climate alliance 26 May 2022

CUHK will collaborate with universities globally to address the challenge of climate change.

Dual-comb photothermal spectroscopy allows for rapid multi-gas detection 18 May 2022

New sensing technique to drastically improve gas sensing technology.

The uncovered role of the central nervous system in bone healing 5 May 2022

The central nervous system can sense and respond to implanted biomaterials.

HKUST researchers study cleavage mechanism used in gene silencing 26 April 2022

Gene silencing is a technique used to study the mechanism of diseases.

New solar cells boost efficiency to record high 25 April 2022

HK and UK scientists collaborate to improve the efficiency of perovskite solar cells.