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December 2023

Super-powered silk 30 December 2023

Researchers at HKUST have modified bacteria to produce spider silk with new properties that could be useful in regenerative medicine and beyond

Ultra-white ceramic tiles can cool buildings without electricity 29 December 2023

By combining high reflectivity with radiative cooling, a new ceramic material can reduce the need for air conditioning in buildings.

Croucher Science Communication Studentship: To Yuen Man 27 December 2023

For people with a passion to communicate the wonder and importance of science to a wider audience.

Welcome Class of 2023 26 December 2023

On 8 December at a ceremony at the Ritz-Carlton, Croucher Foundation Trustee Sophia Zhu Yibing presented awards to the latest cohort of Croucher Study Award recipients

Unlocking the secrets of cellular shape-shifting 21 December 2023

Insights into how cells permanently change shape could transform our understanding of tissue dynamics, offering unprecedented clarity on processes from healing to cancer metastasis.

Mapping the 21st Century: artist Qiu Zhijie talks to Croucher News 20 December 2023

World-renowned artist and art theorist Qiu Zhijie visited Hong Kong recently and found time to speak to Croucher News about his work, his attitudes towards science and the arts, and his map making.

Bug vs bug 19 December 2023

Using the latest advances in cryogenic-electron microscopy a team at HKUST reported the structure of cyanophage P-SCSP1u in its native form at near-atomic resolution leading to a new understanding of the mechanism of infection. 

Time Machine Biology 17 December 2023

Croucher News meets Dr Moriaki Yasuhara of the University of Hong Kong to find out more about his work and learn about time machine biology

Croucher marks its Foundation Day with a celebration 15 December 2023

Award ceremony and dinner took place on 8 December following a symposium held at M+ involving over one hundred of its scholars and other leading scientists from Hong Kong.

A life in the day: the garden of knowledge  14 December 2023

Dr Richard Tse is a Todd-Croucher Junior Research Fellow at Christ’s College, Cambridge. Croucher News spoke to him recently to find out what it was like to be conducting research in Cambridge and being part of a college going back 500 years.

Professor Siew Ng selected as a New Cornerstone Investigator 13 December 2023

Professor Ng is the first clinician-scientist in Hong Kong to win this award. She and her colleagues have also just published a study with profound implications for the role of gut microbiota modulation in improving symptoms in people with long COVID.

The gradual return of Hong Kong’s mangroves 12 December 2023

Mangrove forests are highly valuable habitats, being important carbon sinks, sheltering coastlines from storms, and supporting over 1,500 species globally. 

Hong Kong Young Academy of Sciences Summit 4 December 2023

The Hong Kong Young Academy of Sciences hosted a symposium on 4 December to promote the work of young scientists in Hong Kong.

Athena Ng was a young scientist of huge potential 2 December 2023

She died, at the age of 22, in October of this year.

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