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November 2023

HKUST scientists find promising target for Alzheimer’s disease treatment 29 November 2023

VCAM1, a cell surface protein found on immune cells of the brain, is a possible therapeutic target for Alzheimer’s disease.

The physics of ultra-thin materials 28 November 2023

How molecularly thin 2D hybrid perovskites are making headlines in Hong Kong and around the world.

Ultrafast autofocusing in laser-based manufacturing 27 November 2023

Dr Du Xiaohan and her colleagues at Princeton University developed a method to track the specific location of a surface and adjust the focus of an optical system simultaneously. 

Physicists gather in Hong Kong to discuss quantum criticality 24 November 2023

Leading physicists from around the world are meeting in Hong Kong next month for a prestigious course sponsored by Croucher Foundation on quantum criticality and topological phase transitions.

Professor Dennis Lo elected to CAS and wins the inaugural Tengchong Science Award 23 November 2023

Croucher Foundation is delighted to learn that Professor Dennis Lo has been elected to the Chinese Academy of Sciences and has won the inaugural Tengchong Science Award.

New method boosts resistance of stainless steel 15 November 2023

A dual-action approach which could be used in the production of hydrogen.

Max Planck Society President Professor Patrick Cramer honoured with Shaw Prize 14 November 2023

Biochemist Professor Dr Patrick Cramer has been honoured with Hong Kong’s Shaw Prize in Life Sciences for his pioneering work in the field of gene transcription.

A life in the day of a PhD student in Hong Kong 10 November 2023

Coşkun Güçlü is looking into the best way of rewilding Hong Kong

Recent trends in science education 6 November 2023

Croucher News catches up with Vincent Cheng, Croucher scholars and science educator.

Developing better batteries 4 November 2023

How scientists in Hong Kong have achieved an important breakthrough in battery technology.

Urban green spaces more accessible to more people globally 3 November 2023

A study of over 1,000 cities worldwide found improved green space exposure.

The benefits of citizen science 2 November 2023

Smriti Safaya is pursuing a postdoctoral fellowship with the support of Croucher Foundation.

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