Croucher Foundation News

December 2022

Fish fins inspire soft material 30 December 2022

Researchers have developed new technology which breaks through  limitations on bending soft materials.

Food heritage: recovering Hong Kong’s rice varieties 22 December 2022

Old local staples return to dinner tables through genetic technology.

Insights on flight origins and how winged dinosaurs lived 21 December 2022

Analysis of fossils reveal lifestyles of flyers from the Early Cretaceous.

Record-breaking efficiency for organic photovoltaics achieved 20 December 2022

Performance suggests future organic photovoltaics may reach their full promise.

Microbial teamwork: bacteria observed creating ‘canals’  15 December 2022

Bacteria can build channel networks for delivery of materials across long distances.

Mechanism found to boost axon regeneration in the nervous system 11 December 2022

A phosphatase-coding gene may be the key to prompting axons to regrow. 

T-cell protein, a step forward in liver cancer immunotherapy 9 December 2022

Researchers at the University of Hong Kong reveal why a molecular mechanism in immune checkpoint blockade therapy has been unsuccessful against hepatocellular carcinoma while also locating a novel target in the fight against liver cancer.

Detecting signs of Alzheimer’s through our retinas 2 December 2022

AI model can find tell-tale signs through photos of the inside of the eye.

Key marine species self-repairing, resilient to ocean acidification 1 December 2022

International research co-authored by The Education University of Hong Kong has discovered a key marine species' self-repairing ability to adapt to ocean acidification and climate change.