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November 2022

Virtual herbarium to preserve HK ecology 30 November 2022

The online resource offers 3D seed models of more than 300 plants specimens, archived by the research team at Chinese University of Hong Kong’s Shiu-Ying Hu Herbarium.

Verifying penicillin allergy labels 30 November 2022

Researchers discover that 90% of penicillin labels in Hong Kong are false in new allergy triage and testing strategy.

Synthetic mRNA drug advances 24 November 2022

Method for enhanced life span and efficiency may reduce the dosage for mRNA drugs and lower costs.

Deep carbon: finding clues to climate change below the Earth’s surface 22 November 2022

CO2 study suggests major implications for the planet’s carbon cycle.

Expanding our view of the Universe into the 'quantum realm' 14 November 2022

A new quantum optic camera developed by Hong Kong University of Science and Technology researchers will allow the study of the fastest processes in the cosmos.

Preventive agent for gastric cancer 1 November 2022

Red sage extract identified for potential treatment and prevention of stomach cancer associated with bile reflux.

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