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May 2022

First myriapod genome bank explains divergent evolutionary trajectories 31 May 2022

Biologists have sequenced the genome of nine centipede and millipede species.

New advanced vision sensors emulate human visual adaptability 31 May 2022

Future autonomous vehicles and industrial cameras could have human-like vision.

Researchers identify a new regulator of satiety signals 30 May 2022

The reported enzyme can control weight gain by intervening signalling mechanism.

CUHK joins university climate alliance 26 May 2022

CUHK will collaborate with universities globally to address the challenge of climate change.

Quantum physicists take a cold hard look at atoms 19 May 2022

Dr Jo Gyu-Boong is interested in just how close an atom can get to absolute zero.

Dual-comb photothermal spectroscopy allows for rapid multi-gas detection 18 May 2022

New sensing technique to drastically improve gas sensing technology.

Croucher Scholar reimagines the water droplet 11 May 2022

Professor Anderson Shum is harnessing the physical properties of water droplets.

Robotic slime: a moving, shape-shifting game changer 10 May 2022

A popular child’s toy inspired Dr Li Zhang to create a magnetic slime robot.

The uncovered role of the central nervous system in bone healing 5 May 2022

The central nervous system can sense and respond to implanted biomaterials.

Paving the way for plant-based vaccine technology 4 May 2022

HK scientists discovered a key mechanism behind storage protein in plant seeds.

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