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February 2022

CityU researchers solve 266-year old challenge of thermal engineering 25 February 2022

A research team led by scientists from City University of Hong Kong has designed a new material that achieves efficient liquid cooling at extremely high temperatures, fundamentally solving a 266-year-old challenge presented by the Leidenfrost effect. This breakthrough can be applied in aero and space engines, as well as improve the safety and reliability of next-generation nuclear reactors.The...

A new way to identify land for forest restoration 25 February 2022

Currently, most estimates of the potential of tropical forests as a carbon sequestration mechanism are based on present-day climate and do not take into account potential impacts from future climate change and rising atmospheric CO2 concentrations.Forest restoration projects are also vulnerable to impacts from climate change. Rising temperatures, drought, insect outbreaks and increases in...

Croucher Foundation’s Climate Change Survey highlights Hong Kong risks 18 February 2022

Croucher Foundation today launched the Climate Change Survey, a selection of 20 high quality scientific publications that can assist organisations as they assess climate-related risks in Hong Kong.

Croucher scholar uses simulation to advance study of DNA nanotechnology 14 February 2022

The field of DNA nanotechnology began with DNA origami less than two decades ago, when scientists discovered that they could fold DNA into different shapes, allowing them to build tiny molecular structures. Today, a Croucher scholar is advancing the field to simulate the qualitative properties of nano scale DNA structures to make them more effective tools for science and medicine.

Evaporation as a new approach to understand early evolution 9 February 2022

Evaporation could have helped create an environment for early evolution.

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