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September 2020

Croucher Image Awards 2020 runners-up 30 September 2020

Pictures of the Croucher Image Awards runners-up and the stories behind their scenes

Croucher Image Awards 2020 30 September 2020

The inaugural Croucher Image Awards competition was launched in April 2020.

How connections in the brain change over time 25 September 2020

A research team led by Dr Lai Kwok-On at the University of Hong Kong has uncovered the molecular basis of how neurons change their connections during brain development.

Dennis Lo’s three-decade journey to science’s greatest prizes 22 September 2020

Innovation does not come easy and for Professor Dennis Lo.

Dennis Lo scoops ‘Oscar of Science’ for foetal DNA discovery 13 September 2020

Professor Dennis Lo has won the prestigious 2021 Breakthrough Prize for Life Sciences.

Croucher study awards open for application 11 September 2020

Applications for 2021/2022 Croucher study awards and Science Communication Studentships are now open until 5:00pm on 16 November 2020.

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