Croucher Foundation News

July 2018

Uncovering the mystery of the quantum world 25 July 2018

Dr Ching-Kit Chan is a theoretical physicist at UCLA who is working on quantum physics.

Croucher scholars featured in Nature as science stars of East Asia 23 July 2018

Professor Peiris and Professor Yam are named one of the ten Science Stars of East Asia.

Flexible sensor to speed up inflammation test 15 July 2018

New sensor developed by Professor Aimin Xu makes inflammation testing 30 times faster.

CSA: Craft Beer workshop 8 July 2018

Croucher scholars gathered on a Friday night to learn about beer brewing.

Dengue virus replication halted by regulatory protein 5 July 2018

A recent research published by Dr Sumana Sanyal (Croucher Non-Clinical Assistant Professorship 2017) of the University of Hong Kong could possibly provide new insights into the development of antivirals and vaccine against dengue.