Croucher Foundation News

May 2017

Croucher Foundation sponsors disaster reduction report 31 May 2017

Researchers from universities in the Greater China and Asia-Pacific region put forward their valuable insights as the UN looks to move ahead on a global strategy for disaster risk reduction.

Muscle stem cells, tissue repair and ageing 25 May 2017

From the very first PC, Dr Tom H Cheung (2015 Innovation Award) developed his love to science and technology and now, studying skeleton muscle stem cells to find cures for aged-associated diseases

Professor Malik Peiris elected to US National Academy of Sciences 23 May 2017

Congratulations to Professor Peiris receiving one of the highest honours in the field.

Taking shape: computational geometry 21 May 2017

Gary Choi shares how studies on different shapes and curves help to tackle real life problem.

Instant reaction: study of the midbrain 17 May 2017

Emmy Tsang looks at neuroscience and in particular how innate fear is processed.

Good and evil: endogenous retroviruses and cancer treatment 14 May 2017

Dr Danny Leung studies the regulatory properties of noncoding DNA.

The day after tomorrow: optimisingĀ the autonomous vehicle system 10 May 2017

Dr Albert Lam researches on autonomous electric vehicle system optimisation.