Croucher Foundation News

April 2017

Touchable art: use of fog with volumetric display 28 April 2017

Dr Miu-Ling Lam uses fog in a new area between art and technology.

Evening reception 2017 27 April 2017

The Croucher Scholars Association held its second evening reception on Thursday 6 April at the Hong Kong Bankers Club.

Good night? Sleep and chronic pain 25 April 2017

Dr Nicole Tang is a clinical psychologist studying the interaction between sleep and chronic pain.

X-domain: understanding the mechanism of viral infection 20 April 2017

Researchers have identified how chikungunya virus infects healthy cells.

Calling all stations: antenna design 18 April 2017

Professor Luk shares his antenna research and how these technologies help to ease life.

The X-files: uncovering secrets of dark matter 14 April 2017

Dr Kenny Ng shares his exciting research on dark matter.

No to exploding phones: scientific consultants to keep you safe 10 April 2017

Dr Jessica Lee shares how she helps in making better and safer products.