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February 2017

Geektropolis: science learning outside the Hong Kong classroom 24 February 2017

A study published today identified over a thousand STEM activities in Hong Kong.

Startup 2.0: early stage support for Croucher scholars 23 February 2017

The second quarterly selection round for Croucher Startup 2.0 grants. now open.

The role of secretin: how biological research is interrelated 17 February 2017

For his secretin research, Chow’s team made two transgenic mouse models.

Pale blue dot: Science Alive 2017 14 February 2017

Science Alive 2017 will include talks, interactive workshops, lectures, performances and family days.

What’s the matter with antimatter? particle physics 10 February 2017

While at Oxford, Cheung studied data collected from the Large Hadron Collider.

Fintech: how technology updates a centuries old industry 7 February 2017

Dr Chan thought he would only pursue a career in electrical engineering.

Building bridges: cross-border healthcare reform 3 February 2017

Professor Lo is one of Hong Kong’s most eminent surgeons and medical researchers.

Science in the marketplace: pharmaceutics 3 February 2017

In his scientific career Dr Aaron Sin has navigated from engineering to biology.

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