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January 2017

Science education: inspiring the scholars of the future 25 January 2017

For as long as Vincent Cheng can remember, he has always wanted to be a schoolteacher.

Why we need wetlands: protecting aquatic ecosystems 20 January 2017

Dr Rita Yam’s research encompasses aquatic ecosystems and constructed wetlands.

The big picture: science to law 18 January 2017

Dr Nicolette Chan thought she would grow up to be a doctor. But her career shifted from one field to another.

A cure for the incurable: fighting chronic HBV 12 January 2017

Dr Danny Ka Ho Wong is recognised as a pioneer in Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) research. Despite preventative measures, there are an estimated 240 million sufferers of chronic HBV worldwide, the disease is responsible for over six hundred thousand deaths per year and there is no cure.

From optical communications to security: safeguarding online banking 9 January 2017

Sharon Lee is improving the safety of online banking through new security technology.

Healthcare IT: the networks supporting our hospitals 3 January 2017

Dr Cheung helped create the new Electronic Health Record Sharing System.

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