Croucher Foundation News

December 2016

Research and industry: bringing expertise to the business world 28 December 2016

Andrew Yu is currently the Director of Sales and Marketing for Raith Nanofabrication.

Next-gen genetics: exploring the epigenome 19 December 2016

Dr Manching Ku explores the next generation of genetics research.

Croucher celebrates Foundation Day Dinner 13 December 2016

The Croucher Foundation held its annual Foundation Day Dinner last Thursday, commending this year’s recipients of the Croucher Innovation Awards, Senior Research Fellowships, and Senior Medical Research Fellowships.

Improving the battery: energy storage for a renewable world 12 December 2016

Professor T S Zhao is an internationally renowned expert in energy engineering.

Turning science fiction into fact: exploring virtual reality 8 December 2016

Humanity is at the cusp of using Virtual Reality, Robotics, and Artificial Intelligence.

Turbulent flow: deciphering fluid dynamics 5 December 2016

Dr Emily Ching explores fundamental questions in physics.