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November 2016

Croucher Startup 2.0: a new funding initiative 28 November 2016

In April 2016 the Croucher Foundation approved a new funding initiative.

From hypothesis to treatment: perfecting clinical trials 25 November 2016

Dr Hilda Tsang is perfecting clinical trials as the Cardiovascular Operations Manager.

Bend, flow, build: the broad world of nanotech and 3D printing 21 November 2016

Dr Anson Ma has spent years studying the microstructure and flow behaviour of matter.

Cell mechanisms: the role and transport of proteins and lipids 15 November 2016

Professor David Banfield’s laboratory uses yeast as a primary model system.

Genomic integrity: protecting dividing DNA 11 November 2016

Dr Chris Kok-Lung Chan is currently exploring the importance of maintaining genome integrity.

Fish eyes: modeling genetic mutations behind ocular disease 7 November 2016

Dr Yuk Fai Leung studies the gene networks behind ocular diseases.

Urban health: improving our indoor ecosystems 4 November 2016

Dr Lai Ka Man studies the effects of pollution and microorganisms on our urban health.

Observing plankton: microorganisms and our changing oceans 1 November 2016

Dr Karen Chan studies ocean conditions to measure the effects of climate change.

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