Croucher Foundation News

October 2016

Deciphering intracranial atherosclerosis: stroke detection and treatment 31 October 2016

Professor Lawrence Wong explored the mechanisms of strokes across Asia.

Understanding plants: making adaptations for climate change 27 October 2016

Agriculture is one of the biggest casualties of extreme weather and rising CO2 levels.

Fly eyes: modelling cell growth and adhesion patterns 24 October 2016

Dr Eunice Chan investigates the molecular mechanisms driving tissue formation in flies.

Flexible solutions: the advantages of organic materials 19 October 2016

Nathan Wang’s research focuses on manipulating mechanical properties.

Moving beyond medication: Suzanne So explores new treatment techniques 12 October 2016

Dr Suzanne Ho-Wai So focuses on the role of reasoning biases on delusions and psychosis.

Chasing pathogens: tracking the paths of deadly coronaviruses 10 October 2016

Kwok Yung Yuen is one of Hong Kong's most eminent scientists.

Professor Dennis Lo receives prestigious awards 3 October 2016

Professor Dennis Lo FRS has been awarded the inaugural Future Science Prize.