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September 2016

What fungi can do: transcription regulation in microscopic mushrooms 30 September 2016

Fungi have a lot more to offer us- if we know where (and how) to look.

Sustainable solutions: what it means to be environmentally friendly 29 September 2016

Professor Ron Hui has pioneered sustainable solutions in the world of electronics.

Engineering light: bringing creativity to electronic engineering 26 September 2016

Lau is one of the few eminent female engineering researchers in Hong Kong.

Virus vs. immune system: the link between viruses and cancer 19 September 2016

Nicholls is seeing years of hard work culminate in a possible cancer treatment.

Organometallurgy: Xie Zuowei builds new molecules 9 September 2016

At a modest rural high school in China, Xie had his first exposure to chemistry.

Microbial solutions: Sean Carim on combatting pollution with microbes 5 September 2016

For Sean Carim, growing up in Hong Kong played a central role in sparking his interest in science, but not the one you would expect. Environmental issues were an accepted part of life and the human impact of chemical mismanagement already becoming evident.

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