Croucher Foundation News

July 2016

Battling Alzheimer's 31 July 2016

People are living longer, but not any healthier. Dawn Lau is investigating the mechanisms of neurodegenerative diseases.

Creating stem cells 30 July 2016

While at secondary school, Dr Kathy Lui read a book about Nobel Prize winning scientists, inspiring her scientific career.

Looking into the past 27 July 2016

Down at the South Pole is a set of powerful telescopes that give us the ability to peer deep into space and back through time.

Taming infection 11 July 2016

Going by media headlines these days it looks like the world is swept by one epidemic or pandemic after another.

Getting older slower 8 July 2016

The holy grail in medicine has always been to find a way to slow, if not reverse, the human aging process. 

Glitches in the membrane 4 July 2016

Though the root causes of cancer vary, erratic signalling behaviour of affected proteins can eventually lead to tumours.