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April 2016

Introducing the Francis Crick Institute 29 April 2016

It’s often the case with scientific discovery that the greatest advances come from thinking outside the box. 

A constant gardener 27 April 2016

The liver is among the most important cogs in the body’s machinery, which in turn makes cancer at this site more dangerous. 

Tracking light 22 April 2016

Since 1994, Wallace C. H. Choy has been working in the field of optoelectronics as a researcher and educator. 

Renewing the nervous system 20 April 2016

Medical dramas on television are full of accidents patched up in under an hour. But in reality, the body’s work is just beginning. 

Making molecules 13 April 2016

As a student, Dr Wai-Lung Ng enjoyed the challenge of chemistry, but never imagined that he could pursue it as a career.

Big things come in nanoscopic packages 8 April 2016

Imagine a world where advertisements for medication could be just two minutes long instead of five. 

Tracking cyclones 6 April 2016

Professor Johnny Chan is the founding Dean of the School of Energy and Environment at the City University of Hong Kong. 

The clue in the plasma 6 April 2016

As a student, Dr Rossa Chiu realised she was learning about things already known, but also that there was so much more to learn.

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