Croucher Foundation News

March 2016

Replication infrastructure: Reliability in software 30 March 2016

Professor Heming Cui's research focuses on building systems to improve the reliability and security of real world software. 

From science to law 23 March 2016

It never occurred to Dr Benny Lo that he would ever pursue a career other than in science.

The best red comes in a bag, not a bottle 18 March 2016

Blood—poets ascribe romantic, mythical powers to it, doctors are more prosaic about its lifesaving properties. 

The burden of disease 16 March 2016

Benjamin Cowling studies the epidemiology of respiratory infections, with a particular focus on influenza. 

Neutron scattering technology 4 March 2016

Professor Xun Li Wang leads and promotes research on neutron scattering technology and material sciences. 

Engineering safety 3 March 2016

Dr Thomas Chau is an Engineer at Altera European Technology Centre.